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ACM is an international student chapter that brings together technology geeks, computer educators, working professionals, among others and gives them a platform to share all things related to the world of rapidly evolving technology. ACM has always been at the forefront of raising awareness about new technologies, educating people and empowering them to do something new.

Apart from being a technological learning and skill sharing platform, ACM is also renowned for developing in its members a sense of teamwork and dedication. It empowers individuals to scale new heights in their professional careers.

With more than 100,000 members worldwide, the fraternity only continues to grow stronger in every passing year. A chapter with such illustrious history, finds its place with a great prominence in VNRVJIET. The team running the chapter constantly strives to bring about awareness and widen the reach of technology and its wonders to more and more people.

Membership info

ACM, it is not about an individual, it is a family of 650+ members. Our members are as important to us as the people who lead us. Anyone who is driven by the zeal to learn something, to make their place in this tech world can come and join us. All the ACM members are entitled to all the events ACM conducts like coding contests, trainings on trending technologies, hackathons, quiz contests and many more.All the members also get the latest tech news to their mails so that they are up to date on the recent technological changes.

Volunteers info

Volunteers are the supporting pillars of any student chapter. It is the same with ACM. In our student chapter, we have volunteers working under 5 teams:
Technical team, Events and PR team, Social Media team, Design team and Coding team. Be it any event our volunteers are our strength that make the event successful. We together celebrate our success. These teams work as pillars for ACM. By helping each other and appreciating others work, Team ACM moves forward.
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Let Them Speak For Us!

It is really important to know about modern technologies and activities moduling each and everyday. It was really good to see that the students and staff of ACM student chapter taking the responsibility by creating a place where we can learn , teach each other and share the knowledge both at the Academic level and in competitive fields.


customer-1Dr. C. D. Naidu

Team ACM is targeted to bring out the hidden talents and introducing how the real world of a Engineer works.It always works on improving the soft skills and making students experienced in the engineering sector.Events which was conducted by ACM are making students to develop their teamwork and individual skills It was pleasure to watch Team ACM how they Moulding the careers of upcoming students.

customer-1Dr. D Srinivasa Rao

ACM, the student chapter from IT department, it was created to help and encourage the students to learn something new. To let the students know how the actual corporate world works outside. The Volunteers of ACM always strived to keep this student chapter in the first row having the only motto of providing a platform to know about the technical knowledge and support each other.

customer-3S. Murali Mohan

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